Tours of Poznań

Poznań is inextricably linked with the beginnings of Poland. The first Piast rulers Mieszko I and Bolesław the Brave were buried here. The oldest cathedral in the country is located in Poznań.
The capital of Greater Poland has always been among the most important cities in Poland. Many monuments from the heyday can still be admired today. Our guides will tell you about those who have disappeared in the turbulent history.
We will introduce our guests to the realities of the struggle for domination in the 19th and 20th centuries. At the end of each route, we will remind you of what Poznań is famous for. Especially culinary.
For each route around Poznań, you can order video shots shot by a drone or live broadcast from the air. Details can be found on the Sightseeing Poznań with a drone subpage.