Icons of Poznań

Duration: 2h
Price:  320pln (ENG | DE | ESP | FR | RUS | ITA)
St. Martin Croissant + tea/coffee: 24 pln/prs.

The bustling Old Market Square is a true artefact of the16th-century. On this tour we will take you back in time to that golden age, when trade flourished and the city prospered as never before. You will see the original 16th-century Town Hall decorated with political advice for the posterity. There, at 12 o’clock on the dot, you will see the most popular clock mechanism in Poland – the goats of Poznań. Naturally, we cannot spare you the legend behind the show. You will also learn why the executioner was the most hated person in the city and how the Jesuits wanted to seduce your soul with their super-ornate Parish Church.

We highly recommend finishing the tour on a sweet note in a cafe – with the famous local St. Martin Croissant.

Visited attractions:
Town Hall*, merchant houses, Weighhouse, Parish Church and former Jesuit Collage, Goats of Poznań (monument), Royal Castle*,

*usually without entrance