Roots of Poznań

Duration: 3h
Price: 265zł PL / 380zł (ENG | DE | ESP | FR | RUS | ITA)
St. Martin Croissant + tea/coffee: 24 pln/prs.

The Cathedral Island is not only a witness to a thousand-year-old history of both Poznań and Poland. Wedged between two rivers, the island was transformed into a 10th-century stronghold guarding the western borders of the infant Polish state. It also here that Duke Mieszko I established the first Christian bishopric that would soon spread its missionaries all over the pagan country. That is the beginning of the story you will experience during the Roots of Poznań tour.

You will enter the oldest cathedral in Poland and explore its underground 10th-century remains. You will embark on the quest for the tomb of Duke Mieszko I and his son Bolesław Chrobry – the first king of Poland. In short, you will discover the very thousand-year-old roots of Polish history.

Having explored the island, we will take you to the Old Town across the river, with its beautiful Renaissance Old Market Square. You will discover what kind of political advice was left on the 15th-century Town Hall by its constructors. You will visit the Parish Church – a true gem of Baroque built by the Jesuits with the ambition of creating the most awe-inspiring temple in the city. And of course, if the timing allows, you will enjoy the show with most popular clock mechanism in Poland – the 12 o’clock Goats of Poznań.

We suggest to finish off the tour on a sweet and local note – a tea or coffee with Poznań’s own and famous St. Martin Croissant.

Visited attractions:
Cathedral of Poznań*, Old Market Square, former Jesuit Church and collage, Royal Castle

Entrance tickets: 5 pln children and students, 6 pln full ticket