City Guide Poznań

We are a group of licensed city guides and we offer guided tours in Poznań and around popular attractions in its vicinity. These include the Kórnik Castle and the arboretum, Gniezno and the Piast Trail route. Some of us are foereign language graduates, so we can offer high-quality tours not only in Polish, but also in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian. If you are looking for a guide for a group of foreign tourists, do not hesitate to contact us and try our services.


The most popular tour of Poznan with a guide. Guides from the City Guide Poznań are distinguished by the fact that our company offers comprehensive planning of the trip program.



Current price list for guided tours. Additionally, a price list of admission tickets to the visited objects is available.

Go to Saint Martin Croissants

Saint Martin Croissants

If the group is also interested in culinary tourism – you can enrich the program with a tasting of famous regional delicacies.

Go to city from the drone

city from the drone

First in Poland we offer the possibility of making a drone video from city tour. Order a videorelated tour and enjoy shots not available in any other way.

Poznań Attractions

Najważniejsze atrakcje turystyczne w Poznaniu , które koniecznie trzeba zobaczyć!

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