Animator film festival

The fourth edition of the Animator animated film festival is already underway. The festival deals with animation in a broad sense, not only traditional in the form of cartoons for children, but also computer animation, hypertext and stage performances. For the organizers of the festival, animated film is a combination of many film disciplines, such as feature film, painting, graphics, sculpture or music. This peculiar combination is worth attention and hence the idea of the festival.

As every year, a lot of events await the participants, from animation workshops, through competition film screenings, to film screenings combined with live concerts. The latter event has become a permanent part of the Animator’s tradition. This year, one of the pioneers of American electronic music, Morton Subotnick, will perform with his son Steven, who is involved in experimental animation. Another special guest will be the well-known Alloy Orchestra trio from Boston, which creates music for silent films.

Admission to some of the shows is free. Details on