29 March 2018

(Polski) Zwiedzanie Poznania z dronem

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First in Poland we offer the possibility of making a drone video from city tour


Order a video-related tour

and enjoy shots not available in any other way


Poznan and Greater Poland

Poznan – Cathedral

Kórnik Castle

Poznan – Old Market

Poznan – Market (sketch)

Imperial District

Pobiedziska – Siege Weapon Display

Poznan – Palm Hause


For ordering the drone video in Poznań a fee of 3zł per participant is added. The minimum number of participants is 20 people. In the case of smaller quantities, the fee is 60zł. Ordering a drone video outside Poznań is set individually +48695611684. Go to contact


Outside Greater Poland





Poczdam – Neues Palais



Ostróda-Elbląg Canal


Legal Regulations

  1. Our equipment meets the requirements of air traffic regulations. Model used for recording movies: DJI Mavic Air.
  2. We have qualified city guides with a drone operator license. Our guides and drone operators have valid medical examinations and insurance.
  3. Photos and videos of the tour group or people in the background do not violate the new protection of personal data and image regulations.
  4. Photos and videos are available only to participants of the trip. They are protected by a password known only to the tour participants. The administrator of all recorded material is City Guide Poznań Mateusz Michałek with its registered office in Poznań at Strzelecka 52/10. The material from the recordings is stored at the abovementioned address for a period of six months.
  5. Objections to storing, transforming or placing video material from city tours can be submitted by email: cityguide.poznan@gmail.com or by phone 0048 695611184.


Order Regulations

  1. Orders can be made by email and telephone. Recommended time to order a tour with drone video is one day in Poznań and three days for trips outside of Poznań.
  2. The order involves a guide service with the possibility of taking photographs and video recordings. The time needed for recording is an integral part of the trip.
  3. The time needed to make a standard video is 1-2 minutes. The drone hovers in the air and starts recording about 2 m from the group. Then it flies away up to 200 meters recording the selected place from the air.
  4. The full video from a tour consists of several shots made of soil and air. You can order raw material for your own processing or commission our company to compose a commemorative film.
  5. Videos are available for download on our website in the Dron Tour tab or via Google Drive. On request, we burn movies and videos on CD for additional fee of 25zł
  6. In case of adverse weather conditions, the decision to start the flight is made by drone operator. Safety is always first!

Thank You for your interest in our offer. 

If you would like to know how our city tour looks, please check this short video


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Mateusz Michałek
+48 695 611 184